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Meet The Team

Harry Harding Director

Harry Harding

I am the owner of Sportacus Ltd. Set up on March 19th 2012 after coming out of the professional football system at Reading Football Club.


My main Passion is football. After years of playing Semi-Professional football for teams across London and Kent, I am now very interested in going into football management. I also have a keen interest in Health, Fitness & Nutrition and like to look after myself.


My Sporting Background & Qualifications include:

Level 2 Key Skills in Application of Numbers

Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (Football)

Level 3 BTEC in sports performance & excellence

FA Level 1 & 2 football coaching

Level 2 in Fitness instruction (QCF) (Gym)

Level 3 in Personal Training (QCF)

Jack Harding Director

Jack Harding

I have grown up through sports throughout my childhood, but being deaf myself I never really had anyone to look up to or guide me through my sporting career. A lot of it was by myself and feeling my way through finding out which sports I was good at. Football was my most decorated career, holding 23 caps for GB deaf and over 100 apps for Fulham deaf. I chose to become a coach for Sportacus because I wanted to become a role model for the deaf children as well as hearing we currently work with. Someone to support them, and include them in their sporting discoveries. Coming up to my 10th year working with Sportacus and the change is huge from when I first started to how it is now, I’m very proud to be a director for this amazing and rewarding company, and hope to expand this company even further and literally turn London Orange!

Grant Taylor Director

Grant Taylor

I've always enjoyed playing a variety of sports and represented my school & college in any sport that was available. As I got older I  started to work in the youth service in the borough of Southwark and its here that my passion for working with children and young people began.

I have lots of experience working in grassroots football across the ages and really enjoy being on the grass coaching. I love building great relationships with the people I work with and try to create a fun and exciting environment in whatever setting I am working in. 

I have been a first team coach at Faversham Town FC  (Ithsmian SE) & also Bowers & Pitsea FC (Isthmian Premier)

I have a level 1 & 2  in football coaching (& about to embark on the UEFA B course) 

NVQ Level 2 in Playwork

Yanic Martin Director

Yanic Martin

Hello! Since the age of 15, I've nurtured a deep passion for working with children and imparting sports knowledge to them. My specialty lies in basketball, and I'm thankful to Sportacus for granting me the opportunity to contribute this expertise to our team. Over the years, I've had the privilege of collaborating with exceptional coaches in both primary and secondary schools. Achieving my Level 2 in sports coaching was a proud accomplishment, cultivated through years of dedicated service at Sportacus and the esteemed David Lloyd Clubs, where I served as a long-term coach for the club's young members.


Having been actively involved in sports since childhood and maintaining a strong dedication to fitness throughout my adult life, I am a firm believer in promoting physical well-being. My journey with Sportacus over the past few years has allowed me to share my knowledge and expertise, and I am delighted to have grown alongside the company.


While coaching remains our primary focus, I am equally committed to acting as a mentor and role model for the younger generation. I firmly believe that irrespective of one's background, every individual is capable of achieving greatness.

Chola Ingle Director

Chola Ingle

My coaching journey started at 14 as a volunteer assistant coach at the gymnastics club where I trained, and I have now worked in the Physical Education and School Sports Sector for 7 years. I have taught a wide variety of children from different backgrounds, as well as; Early Years, SEN and Home-Schooled Students. I love that each day is never the same, every school and student bring new challenges and goals. It's so exciting being able to inspire their sporting and fitness journey and seeing my students progress!

I am a qualified PE Teacher (Level 3 Physical Education and School Sport) as well as Level 2 Fitness Instructor with specialisations in Children and Youth Fitness and additional qualifications in Autism and ADHD awareness.

Rosie Harding

Rosie Spurgeon
Head of Admin

I have been head of Sportacus admin for just under a year now . I Assist our clients by distributing information and providing support to our team of fantastic coaches .  I am the point of reference for all queries, requests or issues. I have held this position in previous companies and have over 10 years experience in customer relations. 

I enjoy working at Sportacus because every day is different. 

Maria Hutchings

Maria Hutchings
Head of Wrap Around 

I have worked in health and social care for over 20 years. I have worked with young adults with additional needs  and also in dementia care. I have been with Sportacus just under 2 years as head of our wrap around service . I enjoy coming to work every day and the different challenges and experiences my role offers me. I am very excited to help in growing the wrap around section of the company . 



My background is in Athletics and Football. On of my favourite sporting memories was running the London Mini Marathon as a youth and representing my borough. I really enjoy running and my favourite distance is 5K. I've really enjoyed my time at Sportacus over these last 2 years and have really seen myself growing as a person in confidence and happiness in my job. The reason I love working for Sportacus is that every day is different, and I find myself being challenged everyday.

Beckham Hulks


Since a young age, I have had a real passion for playing and coaching sport! My favourite sports are Football and Cricket. I have been playing football since aged 4 as a goalkeeper, playing at District/ Kent League level, Herne Bay FC and Faversham Town FC. I have also been playing Cricket since aged 6, playing at Chestfield Cricket Club my whole life. I have currently been captain at the club for last 3 years & have recently  lead the side promotion in the Kent Cricket League & Kent Village League. 

ECB Level 1 and Level 2 Advanced Cricket Coach

FA Level 1 Football Coach (working towards UEFA C)

FA Level 7 Football Referee 

British Dodgeball level 1 Coach

BTEC Sport Level 3 Diploma-Distinction

Ben Hurley


For those who don't know me, my name is Ben. I have been with Sportacus for 6 years now and counting.....

The reason I got into coaching/teaching/ inspiring young minds was because of my passion for sport and seeing all the young Sportlets smiling and enjoying sport with me. I love teaching them new skills in every sport I teach as this makes my day to know I have done so.

I love helping the not so confident children get involved and enjoy the sport just as much as all the children who loves sport already.

My favourite motto to live by is: "If at first you dont succeed, try try and try again"

George Freeman


From an early age I have been invested in sports, it allowed me growing up to develop in my confidence and become more comfortable around my peers. Once I left school, I knew coaching was exactly what I wanted to do in order to help motivate others the way sport helped motivate me. Through college and university, I discovered so much more to sport and a passion to help children over come their own battles and thrive in a safe and fun environment to help them enhance the hidden "Sportastar" inside.

Paul Somners


I have had a keen interest in sport from a young age, I wanted to try everything! I started swimming at the age of 3 and progressed into club swimming when I was 8. I also enjoyed playing rugby for my school, and a club, from the age of 11. 

It was my love for sport that inspired me to pursue a career in leisure. I have worked at various leisure centres from the age of 17 and my love for swimming was the perfect avenue into swim coaching. 

It was through this that led me to join Sportacus. I want to pass on the feeling of enjoyment and fulfilment that I got to the children, helping them to try new activities and have the same sense of achievement that I had. I find it so satisfying when a child tries a new activity for the first time, or to see them progress as their skills develop, it is very rewarding as a coach. 

I am truly passionate about coaching and firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance.



I’m a passionate and enthusiastic sportsman, playing football from a very young age and finding my passion for American Football at age 14. Sport has taught me that it is more than just a hobby as it can help create your identity as a person and as a leader. Developing resilience and focus along the way. I am very fortunate enough to have represented my country for American Football in the GB U19 team. From this I was able to receive a scholarship from Oxford Brookes University, allowing me to graduate with a Sports, Coaching and Physical Education degree. Before joining Sportacus I worked as an SEN learning assistant for 3 years. The experience and skills I learnt from that particular role made me realise the greater impact that sport can have on a child’s emotional and personal development. In my coaching I want to allow the children to express themselves as well as creating a positive and fun learning environment. The main ethos of Sportacus resonates with me as I truly believe “Everyone deserves a chance”.

Liam Farmer


Hi my name is Liam I’m 17 years old and I’ve been coaching for the last 3 years. 

I started my love with sports when I was younger and kept it up all my life. Constantly playing a load of variety of sports from football at school and club level, cricket for Kent and American football for club 

I’ve just completed my sports and coaching level 2 and now working on my sports and teaching level 3. I thoroughly love sports and want to teach the younger generation how to play and enjoy it just like I did.

Donvieve Jones


I have a strong sports background and ever since I was born I’ve had a natural passion for all sports. My main sport is football I play at semi professional level and specialise in football 121 coaching. I love coaching kids and helping them develop not just as sports person but their overall character.

Sophie Santillo


Everyone deserves a chance. This is the reason I coach, my goal is to show that with persistence and belief, anything is possible for anyone. I have always had a keen interest in sport as a whole and I have dedicated my sporting career to being a karate athlete competing nationally & also internationally having represented the country at both Junior/Senior level. I love sharing my passion towards sport and being surrounded by a group of individuals who also share that same passion!  My favourite thing about coaching is seeing the children learn a new skill and to then see the sense of achievement they feel, it makes my heart full.

Alfie Glazebrook

Alfie G

Sports coaching is a career I have always admired and studied in college which got me the qualifications to continue in a full time role.


For me sports coaching has always had a rewarding feeling because you are helping young minds explore a variety of new sports which they can enjoy and have a personal connection with and achieve incredible new skills. 

Coming from a football background I pursued a career as a goalkeeper coach and I am currently the first team goalkeeper coach for Dulwich Hamlet Womans.

Kristian Campbell


I started playing football from 4 years old and have always been heavily involved in sports since. Football has taken me to unimaginable places, playing in different countries, playing live in front of millions on live TV, representing my country, plus many more experiences. I feel my enthusiastic and passionate approach to sports along with my background made it perfect for me to work alongside kids through coaching, teaching, and passing on my own experiences in sports. As someone who started off playing park football, I like to remind kids that your dreams are never too big or wild!



Being a Sportacus coach is more than just sports for me, being a coach means being able to make a kids day when they see me or anyone one in orange, I pride myself in making sure the kids feel good about themselves and just be the best version of themselves at all times, and help them excel in sports and activities,  I have been a sports coach for a number of years and also have experience coaching abroad in Belgium too were I learnt fluent French , I am always hungry to learn more and be versatile as a coach as for me it’s important to be more than a coach but be a role model and hero in orange for the children.



I have been into football since the age of 4 which is my speciality. What’s brilliant about coaching is that you gain knowledge from different sports and are able to teach it to the up and coming generation and put smiles on their faces. My role is not only for children to learn and enjoy the sport but to also be a role model and guide them to be the best version of themselves.



I have been coaching for about 5 years & always wanted to go into coaching after studying Sports Psychology & Coaching at Bournemouth University. My main passion is football & I love coaching & playing it. I also really enjoy coaching other sports & it’s so rewarding seeing children thrive in your coaching sessions & picking up new skills & improving, but most importantly having fun!

Becky Hicks


I’m Becky and a coach at SPORTACUS. I’ve been working in the fitness industry for 6 years and I’m a qualified personal trainer. The gym is where you’ll find me I love to exercise and keep fit. The best thing about being a coach is helping the children learn their potential and watch them grow into the best person they can be. I’m hoping to progress as a coach learning new skills and use that to keep promoting girls football!



I have been dancing for 20+ years, mainly training in Modern and Contemporary Dance, with basic Ballet training as well as Jazz, Musical Theatre, Street and Commercial Dance. 

I have an Undergraduate BA Degree in Dance Studies from the University of Roehampton with a passion for Choreography. 

As well as dance, I love working out at the gym, playing football and enjoy creative writing, journaling and scrapbooking.

Before joining Sportacus, I was an SEN Learning Support Assistant for 3 years after completing university and am always looking to further develop the skills I learned in this area and apply it to my coaching.

My aim is to push more dance in Sportacus, creating an inclusive and fun environment for all children in our dance clubs, workshops and parties!



Hey I’m Katie, I’m 18 and have recently joined Sportacus as an apprentice. I am an energetic and lively person and having just achieved an A in A level PE, this company was the perfect choice to further my love for sport. 

Throughout my life I have taken part in a variety of sports and represented my school in netball, football, rounders, athletics and trampolining. This is how I found my love for trampolining and I now train and compete at Revolve trampolining club. 

I also have a keen interest in drama, dance, singing and acting. Throughout school I took part in the yearly dance shows, music concerts and the school musical, beginning as ensemble and progressing to leading roles. 

I was able to take so many opportunities and learn so much from my teachers and coaches that it inspired me to want to provide the same experience for the next generation.

Alfie L.JPG

Alfie L

I have always been absolutely obsessed with sports, playing a large variety through school. My main sport is football, competing for around 10 years now, playing for school, club and Phillips and Dunne academy, playing against the best academies in the country. As well as football, I have taken part in basketball, boxing, long distance running, handball, netball and athletics. 
I have my GCSE and A level qualifications in PE, where my main specialty was body mechanics, training styles and techniques, injury and recovery.



I have been working with kids for nearly three years. I enjoy every moment of it. Seeing kids learning and having fun is the best part of this job. I can’t wait to see myself and the kids develop throughout my time at Sportacus.  My favourite and most passionate sport is football. I have been playing football for over 10 years.



I have been coaching for the past 7 years, with experience in both mainstream and SEN schools over that time. 

My main sport is Athletics but I also have a passion for both Football and Boxing.

My main aim as a coach is to give kids something to take away from the sessions I do with them, that goes beyond the club or lesson!



I’m Daisy and i’m 18 years old, I have had a real passion for sports from a young age especially football, I have played for football clubs and was part of my college football team. I have had a passion for coaching since secondary school, I was always so interested in the sports teachers and coaches that taught me. I then went on to studying sports coaching at college where I succeeded in the qualifications I needed to continue in a full time role at Sportacus where i thought was be the best option for me to learn more about coaching and grow my love for sport even more.  I had an amazing experience with my sports teachers and coaches and has inspired me to do the same for the next generation. I want to teach the younger generation how to enjoy all sports as much as i did.



Hi my name is Jess. I am one of sportacus’ apprentices. From a young age I have had a passion for sports as well as coaching. I have always loved the idea of becoming a sports coach and being able to help young people expand their knowledge on different sports and help them achieve their goals. Seeing the children really engaging and learning about new sports or new skills as well as having fun in the process is so rewarding and one of the main reasons i love being a coach.



Hey I’m stacey a dance coach here at Sportacus , I can truely say I feel so lucky to have the job I do because it’s something I love and feel so passionately about . I particularly love working in our sen schools . I am a mum of 3 boys who all take part in sports so even when I’m not coaching I’m supporting them with there hobbies. 

I started dancing at a very young age , competing all around the country and was uk champion in freestyle disco . I attended the Brit school for dance and musical theatre and have performed on many stages including her majesty’s theatre in Londons west end . I love choreography and showing the children that they can also create routines . For me , my dance teacher was the person who believed in me and told me I can do it ! So that’s who I want to be for our little sportlets ! 🧡

Amelie Clark


Hi my name is Amelie, I'm 16 years old and have a massive passion for sport. I started playing football from the age of 3, and continued to play till I was 9. I then fell in love with rugby and have now been playing rugby for 7 years and play for Dartford valley (at club level), kent (at county level) and recently I have successfully got into the England centre of excellence. I want to be able to help inspire children of all abilities to build confidence, improve their skills and have fun through sport.



I have been working in Heronsgate Primary School since September 2006. I specialize in giving additional support to my year 6 pupils in Maths and English. I also offer pastoral care. My favourite sports are football and volleyball. In Sportacus wrap around care I always bring my good mood , my positive energy and enthusiasm. I carry my everyday duty with a smile on my face and great pride . I feel really privileged to work for Sportacus.



I’m Amelia and I’m a qualified coach. I enjoy swimming, gymnastics and dance. But I have to say I love teaching fitness and yoga too. I’m a very energetic, friendly person and I am also dyslexic so I love including children that have special needs. The best bit about my job is seeing the smile on the kids faces when I teach them. I believe that everyone deserves a chance finding a sports that they love and enjoy that’s why I’m there to help The kids find the sport that they love.



Hi, my name is Zak and I’ve been working with Sportacus since I was 14 years old. I am very passionate about sport, especially football and enjoy coaching to develop my skills and implement them into sessions to help others learn too. Although I am one of the youngest coaches at Sportacus, I have experience in a range of activities and enjoy working with children, whether it’s at half term camps or after school sessions.



Hello, I'm coach Max. I'm 17 years old and enjoy playing football. I am a goalkeeper and also an FA qualified referee.

There are many joys of coaching but my favourite thing is seeing the smile on the kids faces and seeing them enjoy playing sports and games. 



I’m a Sportacus coach because I love sports and I love coaching. Since I was very young I always good at different types of sports like football, rugby, athletics and badminton. Transferring my knowledge and skills in sports to young kids has always been a pleasure and I feel like my personality is the perfect match to be a good Sportacus coach. In the future, I would like to achieve my FA level 2 coaching qualification and potentially UEFA qualification as I continue with my coaching career

During school holidays we are assisted by an enthusiastic and energetic team of young people that have a passion for sports and physical activity. Some of whom used to attend our clubs when they were younger. This legacy of young people remaining involved in sports and coaching is so important to us and is something we will continue to do, further developing children and young people and giving them additional life skills and experiences 

We are always on the lookout for talented and exciting coaches to join our ever expanding team. If you are interested in joining the most diverse coaching company around, fill out the form below and tell us more about yourself.

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