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Developing People Then Players

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Football is in Sportacus' DNA.

We take a holistic approach to our coaching and take the time to learn about the person behind the player. We believe building great relationships and creating an enjoyable and engaging environment gets the best out of people, no matter the level.

We closely follow the FA four corner model and link all sessions to the principles of play when planning our practices. Our sessions have clear objectives and coaching points which foster better understanding of the game and helps connects the dots. We aim for at least 80% ball rolling time and employ a variety of techniques and coaching styles to create an engaging and enjoyable session to get the best out of your players.


We fully believe the game belongs to the players, so we try to give opportunities to take ownership and make decisions. This player lead approach encourages problem solving both on and off the pitch.

Our coaching team have a wealth of experience in the game, ranging from grassroots and school football to non league and the professional game.


With this experience, we can offer a range of services to football teams, football clubs or individuals.

Read on to find out what we can do for you...








Team Coaching
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We can supply one of our experienced coaches to work with the manager to plan and carry out your team’s football coaching sessions. We can work from a set curriculum, based around the four phases of the game and look at episodic topics that arise throughout the season. We can work with the manager and set match day challenges for the team or individual helping to develop better understanding by linking practice to match day. Your coach could also occasionally support on matchdays too, giving support to players and management.

121 Coaching
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Sportacus can offer individual or small group coaching sessions that can complement your players existing practice schedule. We can fit in these sessions around you and can be done at a location that suits your needs be that a local park, football club, remotely or in your garden. We Discuss with the player their needs and together develop an individual development plan to work on the areas they would like to strengthen. These sessions can be tailored to a specific playing position or a targeted area of development such as speed, strength or agility.

These sessions can be one offs or booked as a block and can be for as many players as you require. They could also act as “booster” sessions for smaller groups who require a little extra time on the grass.

Takeover Sessions
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A takeover session is where a Sportacus coach will plan and run a practice for your team in your usual setting. This can be on a topic of your choosing or something a little different that we create for you. We understand that sometimes fresh ideas or a different perspective can inject some new life into both players and coaching staff and fill them with enthusiasm going forwards. Any takeover session is provided with a detailed session plan with all the coaching detail shared on the day of the session. These sessions can be “one offs” or more regular depending on your needs.

Session Plans
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Want to work on a specific topic or subject in your next raining session but don’t have the time or knowledge to create a session plan that fits your requirements? Then we can provide you with a bespoke session plan that will be age and ability specific for your team. It will include a clear topic focus, with coaching points and clear diagrams for you to work from. The practices will also include progressions and ways to differentiate for players of different abilities.

Coaching Curriculums
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Just like in school, a curriculum is an outline of what you want your players to learn across the season. It is developed before the season begins and should have your players targets and objectives at its core. This of course can be updated as the season progresses. Our experienced coaches can create a roadmap for your teams future training schedule considering the age-related needs and ability of the group and the individuals in it.

This document will guide your session planning throughout the season and aim to offer your players a more holistic and rounded football education.

To find out more about any of our services or to book one of our coaches please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can

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