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More than just sports

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Sportacus can offer a range of services to enrich and support your school and you might be surprised to hear that not all are sports based. We understand that each school is different and has specific requirements which is why we are very flexible in working with schools to provide exactly what they need when they need it.

We currently work with 14 partner schools in a number of bespoke rolls and rather than see ourselves as just another external provider, we like to think we are part of each schools DNA, reinforcing school values, rules and traditions along with blending in our own brand of fun, energetic and forward thinking coaching.

We offer consistency and reliability in whatever we do and our diverse team in orange will ensure they create a safe and fun environment for your pupils to flourish in. 

Our online booking system takes the hassle out of extracurricular services and we can deal directly with parents/carers regarding the services we provide, leaving your school office staff to concentrate on their day to day tasks. 


Please read on to find out what the team in orange can do for your school.









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Extracurricular Clubs

We can provide before, during and after school clubs to suit your needs every day of the week. These clubs can cover any sport or game you require along with other activities such as Lego, art or chess. We also run top quality dance, drama and martial arts clubs too and there is literally no club we cannot offer.   

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Play leaders

Our play leaders service has been a real hit since its launch, with a lot of the schools we work with utilising it in different forms. We provide your school coaches who can compliment your existing mid day team by either supervising and assisting where needed or by facilitating sports, games and activities in designated areas for your children to enjoy. We find having a positive and enthusiastic coach either supervising or leading organised activities in a safe environment increases physical activity and participation while dramatically reducing playground incidents.

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Wrap Around Care

Sportacus can provide a wrap around care service bespoke to your schools requirements. We promote health and well being and provide healthy and nutritious food both before and after school. We provide a safe and nurturing environment for your child to participate in organised or independent activities. We are Ofsted registered and accept a wide range of childcare vouchers to help support your schools parents & carers. For more specific info on our wrap around service please visit our dedicated wrap around care page here.

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The highly experienced team at Sportacus have the skills and qualifications to plan and deliver high quality sessions that engage and meet the needs of your children. Our staff are adept at leading big classes and managing challenging behaviour. We can work from a specific body of work or curriculum or we can design something more unique to your school that meets all of your requirements. Please press here for an example of one of our session plans. 

We can work with your teaching staff to help them upskill and develop in this area, helping to session plan and deliver top quality sessions.

Additionally we can design and facilitate school sports days, organise and run school sports teams and create and direct performing arts productions.  

Our learning mentors support children with barriers and potential barriers to learning. We do this by providing additional time and support to the child that might not be otherwise available. We listen, connect and understand the child and work with them, their teachers and parents/carers to jointly create a plan of action to overcome their barriers and help them achieve their full potential. 

Learning Mentors
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Partner Schools
If your school is interested in any of the services we provide or you wish to discuss something not listed here then get in touch.
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